Vintage Sportwear Alert !

I think I should be honest: I don’t like sportwear… AT ALL!

The only thing i can really tolerate is a perfect vintage jacket like this one ( i’m not humble i know lmaoo).
But i think what i love the most about this look is my attitude on the pictures. I think it shows how i feel lately : bold, and beautiful ( not « pretty » « sexy » « cuite » or anything else  the society want me to be).  But that’s another topic i want to discuss with you guys, maybe next week.
This , is  just a simple vintage, classy and completely weirdo look, like me.
Hope it will inspire you , and make you feel confident about the weird outfits you love to put on in front of your mirror, but never in front of the rest of the world.
Remember the real you is not pretty , cutie, or whatever , it is BEAUTIFUL.












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